Steve Martin & Martin Short's trailer for their Netflix comedy special has dropped — it's hilarious!

Two amigos are back on stage together, and it's going to be worth the watch!

Brittany King

You won't forget this come May 25!


Best buds Martin Short and Steve Martin are ready to delight fans with their Netflix special An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life.


The two American comedy icons are longtime friends, of course, but together, they are downright hilarious which is seen in the new trailer for the duo's comedy special. 

Hey, Marty and I have our new NetFlix show on at the end of the month. This month, not just any month. Here's a trailer. The only trailer. All other trailers are fake trailers.

Steve Martin

In the trailer, two of the Three Amigos hit the stage together for what looks like a night of old-fashioned variety show chaos. They poke fun at one another's age, size, and lack of awards. 


"You look like Anderson Cooper froze to death on New Year's Eve," Short tells Martin.


Watch the trailer Below.


Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening Youll Forget For the Rest of Your Life premieres May 25 on Netflix.