Dr. Evil is back! Mike Myers returns as iconic 'Austin Powers' villain

Actor Mike Myers made an appearance as his iconic character Dr. Evil as a guest on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

Emily Treadgold

Jimmy Fallon got an exclusive interview with the latest person to get fired from President Donald Trump's administration, and turns out it was Dr. Evil himself.


"The big story is still President Trump and all the turnover in his administration," Fallon began. "It seems like every week someone new loses their job and, believe it or not, another person was just fired by Trump moments ago. This literally just happened and we're lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with them right now."

The audience cheered when Mike Myers appeared dressed as his iconic character Dr. Evil. He started talking about his fake position with the White House and told stories about the members of the administration.


Of course, he made Fallon join him for an evil laugh and went on to tell the audience that he was running for president. His slogan? "Make The World Evil Again." He also promoted his latest book "fire and fury and also evil and more fire and also magma." 


Watch the hilarious interview below!

Naturally, I was going to be secretary of evil, but Steve Bannon got that job.