'Stranger Things' season 3 adds more '80s royalty: Cary Elwes and Jake Busey

The '80s just got even better as "Stanger Things" season 3 adds actors Cary Elwes and Jake Busey into the thrilling mix.

Brittany King

Nothing strange here, just more stars jumping back into the '80s!


Netflix announced Wednesday, actors Cary Elwes and Jake Busey will join the upcoming season of the hit show Stranger Things


Elwes, who is widely known for capturing the hearts of The Princess Bride fans, will play Mayor Kline, while Busey, from Starship Troopers, will play Bruce.

We're going to give Will a break. We're not going to put Will through hell for a third season in a row. He'll be dealing with stuff, but he won't be at rock bottom the way we forced the amazing Noah [Schnapp] to play.

According to the character description reported by Variety, "Mayor Kline is being described by Netflix promotional materials as 'handsome, slick, and sleazy.' Your classic 80s politician more concerned with his own image than with the people of the small town he governs."


As for Bruce,  he's "a journalist for The Hawkins Post, with questionable morals and a sick sense of humor."