Duffer brothers' casting call supports claim they stole 'Stranger Things'

The Duffer Brothers are facing a lawsuit involving "Stranger Things" and a casting call sheet was released that shows they used the same title as Charlie Kessler's short film "Montauk."

Emily Treadgold

A new casting call obtained by TMZ shows some pretty hard evidence that the Duffer brothers stole the idea for Stranger Things from an award-winning short film called Montauk


The casting call describes the role of "Barbara" and has a pretty accurate description of the character. It also says, "You have a self tape request for the Netflix series 'Montauk' starring Winona Ryder." The Winona Ryder detail makes it really obvious that it was Stranger Things.


The casting call also lists Matt and Ross Duffer as the writers and directors. 

The initial report surfaced on Tuesday, and stated that that the famous twin brothers were being sued by writer Kessler who made a short film titled Montauk as it was very similar to the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. To make matters more interesting, Kessler actually picthed the idea to the Duffer brothers, but they turned it down.


Kessler claims the pitch meeting happened in April 2014 and no more than a year later in August of 2015 the brothers were casting for their series Montauk which ultimately was changed to the title we're all familiar with now Stranger Things and Netflix went on to buy it.

We thought it would appeal to the audience who grew up like us loving the '80s.