Stranger Things 2 releases episode titles.

As the release of the second season of Stranger Things approaches, Netflix is drip-feeding new information.

Vip Sitaraman

The second season of "Stranger Things" is dropping October 27 and Netflix is building hype every week. Stranger Things 2, the long awaited Netflix Original Series, used Twitter to release a teaser giving us 6 of the 9 episode titles. However, the last 3 titles have been kept secret. Fans are speculating how the season will develop with this new release of information.

The cleverly crafted Twitter announcement pairs images and titles to subtly hint at what's to come, but most plot details remain obscure.

[Viewers] are going to see a lot more into the lives of how the characters are coping with whats been going on. I think [the characters] are all very emotionally scarred. They feel alone because their best friend is back and hes not acting like their best friend anymore. Hes changed.

Gaten Matarazzo
to Emmy Mag.

In other news, Netflix raised prices prior to the release. They are also trying other unconventional marketing with the release of the Stranger Things mobile game.