'SNL' spoofs the Royal wedding reception and it's hilarious — watch

Live from New York, it's the royal wedding!

Brittany King

You didn't think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big royal event was going to get passed up by Saturday Night Live, did you?


The iconic improv show did the royals dirty on Saturday (for the May 19 season finale), just a few hours after the big ceremony took place, and it was hilarious. 


The skit starred Mikey Day as Prince Harry, and he offered viewers an "exclusive" look inside the royal reception.

So sorry to hear that your hair could not make it tonight.

"What's up? It's your boy Harry Windsor, A.K.A. Ron Sleasly," Day began explaining to the camera that it's 2 A.M.


Then a clearly tipsy Kate Middleton (Cecily Strong) told "Prince Harry" that "For the past six years, I've been, like, pregnant the whole time," she said. "So I'm going hard tonight!"


Watch the entire skit below!