SNL Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody

Saturday Night Live put a dark spin on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where his gang troubles aren't over when he leaves Philadelphia.

Emily Treadgold

Saturday Night Live reimagined the famous intro to Fresh Prince where his life gets turned upside down when the gang follows him from Philadelphia. Hs new home is trashed, and Uncle Phil is beaten up, he has to go on the run and an FBI agent played by Jessica Chastain finds him and convinces him to fake his death. 

Turns out the guys I fought werent regular thugs / They were a powerful gang running drugs and guns / And because of our fight one went to jail / So they followed me all the way out to Bel-Air.


Method Man stars as a gangster that follows Will Smith from West Philadelphia to Bel-Air in the hilarious rendition of one of America's most loved show. What results is an FBI agent attempting to convince Will to fake his death and some heroic behavior from Uncle Phil.

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