'Peter Rabbit' gets the red band trailer treatment and it's gruesome and nightmarish

Jimmy Kimmel showed his audience a red-band version of the 'Peter Rabbit" movie that features a violent twist that will give you nightmares.

Emily Treadgold

The adult-version of Peter Rabbit has a gruesome twist. The fake-trailer turns the PG film into an R-rated movie with violence and sex-scenes and may need a disclaimer if you're a sensitive vegetarian who can't stomach cooking rabbits. Peter Rabbit even shoots Mr. McGregor when he comes through the door. 

Jimmy Kimmel showed viewers a red band (or adult-rated) trailer for the new film, and this teaser has enough gore and violence to turn the PG film into an R-rated flick.

E! News

The actual movie stars James Corden as the title character who has a rivalry with Mr. McGregor. They both compete for the affection of their animal-loving neighbor played by Rose Byrne.