John Krasinski is down for a reboot of 'The Office' - 'let's suit up!'

John Krasinski says he'd be down to bring the Dunder Mifflin gang back together for a reboot of The Office, but they haven't called him.

Emily Treadgold

John Krasinski is known for playing loveable salesman Jim Halpert in the hit NBC Show The Office. He was chatting with Ellen when the topic of the reboot came up. He said he didn't get a call about it and found out about it online. He joked that maybe they didn't like Jim. He did confirm if he got the call he would love to get the gang back together.

Well, it looks like they are. I havent gotten a call yet. Imagine if they were like, Will you? and I was like, Lets suit up!

John Krasinksi

NBC confirmed that they were doing a remake of the show and it's not clear what it would be like but there would be some of the classic characters. Steve Carell would not be joining the cast. 

Sooooo....This rabid theater fan came to #DryPowder last night.

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