Watch Marshawn Lynch drive a tank in 'No Script' season finale

In the season finale of the Facebook show, the Oakland Raiders back also destroys random items with the help of a scientist from UNLV.

Kahron Spearman

In the final episode of the hilarious Bleacher Report/Facebook co-production 'No Script,' Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch and friends ups the hijinks to brand new heights while in the city of Las Vegas.

First, the Oakland native teams up with an unnamed chemical scientist from UNLV to smash random items - items frozen with liquid nitrogen.

(After unnamed UNLV scientist pours liquid nitrogen on the ground) Not on the [Jordans]. There's a lot of s*** you can pour it on, but not on the J's.

Marshawn Lynch
Running back, Oakland Raiders

In the second adventure, Lynch and the crew venture over to Battlefield Vegas, where he drives over an empty Vegas buffet and a car. After learning what a "turret" was, he mentions to his friend and the instructors that this particular lack of knowledge is "why I don't be passing a lot of missions, blood," e.g. Call of Duty.