House of Cards will continue on with Claire Underwood

In light of Kevin Spacey's sexual assault allegations, Netflix will continue House of Cards featuring the rise of Claire Underwood.

Emily Treadgold

When the Kevin Spacey allegations came to light production was immediately stopped on House of Cards. They recently announced that Claire Underwood would be the focal point of the next season, which makes sense, because of the way the fifth season ended. Which, spoilers, was with her taking the oval office and turning to the camera and saying "My turn."

Were excited for the 370 people who make House of Cards and have done the best work of their lives on that show; for the 2,000 people in Baltimore who have come to depend on that show for their jobs. And so were really excited that we were able to come to a good creative conclusion to the show.

It IS your turn, Claire! It'll be interesting to see how they explain Frank's absence from the show but fans are excited to make Claire the focal point. After the first allegations were made against Spacey, others came forward with their stories and he started being replaced in other projects. The sixth season of the show will be the last season of House of Cards.