NBC wants an Office revival

After the success of the Will & Grace revival, NBC is playing with the idea of bringing back everyone's favorite Scranton office.

Emily Treadgold

The rumors of an Office revival started in August, but now they're looking more and more like a reality. Sources say the show will be revived with the original creator Greg Daniels but Steve Carrell would not be returning, and they would look for a replacement. 

Personally, I feel like we left on a good note. Im not that anxious to open it up again myself, but I would be interested to see what David Brents up to. But also I think the American show became so much of an ensemble and to not have the whole ensemble there would just feel kind of, I dont know, less than. So I dont want to criticize what hes doing, I think thats great, but Im okay with us having had our finale.

Greg Daniels
The Hollywood Reporter

Greg Daniels previously said he enjoyed the way the show ended. In the finale, we saw the beloved characters having a reunion where they commented on each of their lives as part of the idea that they were in a fake documentary. Some of the cast has commented before that they would consider doing a reunion. Hopefully, it would do the show justice.