See the sneak peek at MTV's new spinoff 'Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant'

Ashley, Brianna, Jade, Kayla, and Lexi are five young women navigating the complexity of pregnancy and becoming young mothers on MTV's new show, "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant."

Brittany King

MTV refuses to let the Teen Mom franchise die - the network is back with a whole new slew of young expectant mothers who have a wide range of issues now that they are pregnant. 


The network released a brand new sneak peek of Monday's premiere of Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant and fans get to meet 17-year-old highschooler Lexi, who is worried that her fellow cheerleaders will judge her for getting pregnant.

A lot of people that I knew, looked at me and then looked at my stomach and then they talked and whispered to each other.

In the clip, Lexi felt awkward showing up to her cheerleading team's football game while pregnant. She quickly noticed that people in the stands were talking and whispering about her. 


Watch the full clip below.


Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant premieres on MTV Monday, March 12, at 10 p.m. ET.