'Mean Tweets' NBA edition is here and it's hysterical — watch

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" has done it again and presented a special edition of "Mean Tweets" NBA style on Thursday night.

Brittany King

Let's be honest; Twitter is the real winner of the NBA Finals. Yet again, hilarious fans voice their opinions on the country's biggest stars and this time, it's current and former NBA players. 


Jimmy Kimmel and his late-night team dug up some of the pettiest, though hysterical, tweets the Internet had to offer and here's what they came up with: enter Kobe Bryant. 

Tracy McGrady looks like a grown ass Steve Urkel with Biggie Smalls' eyes.

"Kobe Bryant looks like he cries to can I get a 'Kiss From a Rose' by Seal," the former All-Star read before responding, "Really?"


Bryant then broke out into song and hummed Seal's '90s classic, before adding, "Im not crying, but I will sing this shit." 


The mamba can do it all, folks. 


Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green read a tweet that said his "jump shot is ALMOST as ugly as his face...Almost," and he responded with: "That's one good looking jump shot." 


Watch the video in full below!