McDonald's apologizes after Szechuan sauce promo.

After Rick and Morty's reference to McDonald's specialty Szechuan sauce, the company ran a promo for the return of the sauce that went far from expected.

Emily Treadgold

Police were even called in to break up crowds after the fast-food chain ran out of sauce. Fans had been waiting outside for up to 4 hours and were disappointed when the stores ran out. Some are even selling the sauce on eBay for crazy prices. Fans took to Twitter to express their problems, some saying they were boycotting the company.

In an episode this year, Rick remembers going to a McDonald's drive-through and ordering Chicken McNuggets with Szechuan sauce. At the end of the episode Rick declares that his life's goal is to score more of the sauce that is no longer in production.

We had nothing to do with this McDonald's stuff. Not happy w/how this was handled. Please be cool to the employees it's not their fault.

McDonalds apologized Sunday, emphasizing that the sauce was limited and they promised to bring the sauce back in larger quantities later this winter.