Watch Keenan Thompson impersonate LaVar Ball on SNL.

Over the weekend, Kenan Thompson, from Kenan and Kel, went on SNL to impersonate the controversial LaVar Ball in a hilarious interview.

Thomas Miller

LaVar Ball has brought excessive attention to his family due to his erratic behavior. Ball has been the topic of many debates as his outspoken manner leads to some lofty promises occasionally. Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live took a shot at LaVar with an interpretation skit of a LaVar Ball interview. Kenan Thompson, from Keenan and Kel, played the role of LaVar and killed it.

He's gonna win the dunk contest, he's gonna win the three-point contest. Every single Powerball jackpot and he'll be named America's next top model, all while wearing his signature ZO2's.

Fake LaVar Ball
Actor, SNL

In the interview, "LaVar" discusses everything from his son's success on the Lakers, Lonzo's legacy surpassing Kobe Bryant, the family's Facebook show, LiAngelo's arrest, and a new signature shoe that costs $700,000 per shoe. The impersonation is spot on, and fans loved the reenactment. This is the second time Thompson has come on SNL for a LaVar Ball reenactment with the first being back in August.