Browns to be featured on 2018 season of 'Hard Knocks': report

It is a TV show, that is to say, entertainment — and new Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield's likely to make excellent television.

Kahron Spearman

Here comes what will probably be the best Hard Knocks yet.


After going 1-31 combined over the last two seasons, the Cleveland Browns have been selected as the next franchise highlighted on the HBO documentary that accompanies an NFL team through training camp and the preseason, according to Bleacher Report.


The somewhat controversial selection of Baker Mayfield doesn't hurt things, given his 'winner-winner, chicken-dinner' mentality. It is a TV show, that is to say, entertainment - and Mayfield's likely to make excellent television.

My first piece of advice came from a place of transparency and honesty in saying that, Baker, you have to remember who you are, and that is a guy who was a twice walk-on in college, and without your work ethic and your talent, you would probably be a (graduate assistant) somewhere coaching.

Chad Pennington
Advisor to Baker Mayfield

While Mayfield's swagger, as well as a deep dive into some of the team's curious personalities - i.e., Myles Garrett - the real story, will be the team's general framing around winning, or not winning.


NFL fans will get an inside look at just what exactly the Browns either plan to do to get wins or perhaps why they haven't been competitive at all. Nuggets will be present throughout the series for paid critics and armchair analysts to pick apart on a weekly basis, which adds to the allure of the show.