Duffer Brothers sued for allegedly stealing 'Stranger Things' concept after they were pitched it

"Stranger Things" creators The Duffer Brothers are facing a new lawsuit from a filmmaker who claims the pair stole his short film idea for their series.

Emily Treadgold

Matt and Ross Duff are coming under fire for alledgely stealing the idea for their hit show Stranger Things from a writer named Charlie Kessler.


Charlie Kessler, who produced a short film titled Montauk which was released in 2012 and even won an award at the Hamptons International Film Festival, is suing the famous Duffer duo for stealing his idea and turning it into a series.

Kessler says he and his agents showed the concept to the Duffer Brothers (the plot for Montauk revolves around top secret government experiments) and pitched it as a series, but the Duffers  didnt seem interested.


Then in July 2016 the Duffer brothers released Stranger Things on Netflix and Kessler claims they used his script, idea, story and film to produce the hit show. He is now seeking money and wants all of the materials ripped off from his concept to be destroyed.  


The famous twin brothers were also recently accused of verbally abusing female crew members onset from crew member Peyton Brown. They responded to the allegations saying, "We are deeply upset to learn that someone felt uncomfortable on our set."


Netflix and or the Duffer brothers have declined to comment on the complaint.

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