Derek Jeter calls Bryant Gumbel 'Mentally Weak' in bizarre upcoming HBO interview

In an upcoming interview with Byrant Gumbel — which will air soon on HBO's next run of their "REAL Sports With Bryant Gumbel" program — Derek Jeter gets defensive about the calls of the Marlins' tanking.

Kahron Spearman

Right when Derek Jeter's unusually tumultuous first offseason as Miami Marlins CEO and minority owner seemed to level off as the season began, he decided to make it even worse for literally no reason at all.


In an interview with HBO's Bryant Gumbel, the former Yankees superstar got remarkably defensive about the legendary journalist's needling on the tanking. It was to the point where Jeter gave Gumbel a verbal two-piece, calling him "mentally weak."


Check out the exchange in the video, provided by HBO.

You dont (understand.) We have two different mi I cant wait to get you on the golf course, man. We got I mean, I cant wait for this one....youre mentally weak.

Derek Jeter
CEO, Miami Marlins

Not for nothing, Jeter calling Gumbel a television icon and a pioneering journalist "mentally weak" is a laughable assertion. 


The fact is that the Miami Marlins aren't good, and aren't supposed to be good regardless of what Jeter tells the public. No one pushes a National League MVP and other quality players off a team and claims your team aims to be competitive. 


What's also here is that Jeter's defensiveness is unnecessary. He's perfectly within his right to run the Marlins as he sees fit. If starting over with the accumulations of farm prospects and high draft picks was the best course of action, it should be that simple to explain.