Brad Pitt makes hilarious return as 'The Jim Jefferies Show' weatherman — it's a must-see

Brad Pitt's infamous depressing weatherman returns to "The Jim Jefferies Show," and he's hilarious as always.

Brittany King

Say hello to one hot weatherman who's here to talk about climate change, but with a positive attitude and big smile! 


Actor Brad Pitt returned to Comedy Central's The Jim Jefferies Show on Tuesday to deliver some bleak weather updates and quick jab about Cleveland Cavs star LeBron James via his famous weatherman persona. 

Weve got sunshine in the west, the south, the east, and over here in the north, the ice caps are melting and I am so so so so scared.

Brad Pitt
The Jim Jefferies Show

Pitt made his big debut as the weatherman in 2017, but his character was later fired for being "crazy" and "a real nutjob." But that's all in the past, as he stepped back up to the green-screen and delivered some bleak news. 


"Didn't we fire you?" host Jefferies asked before Pitt delivered a hilarious joke about NBA star James. 


"OK, here it goes. I was hanging out with LeBron James, and he said, Hows the weather down there? because hes tall," he tells Jeffries. "And I said, Same as it is up there: changing at a pace not before seen in the history of man. Your legacy is pointless. Our people and our memories will all burn."