Matic goes to Manchester.

Graphicle: Chelsea's midfielder, Nemanja Matic, has finalized his deal to transfer to the team at Manchester United. How will the new dynamic perform?

Matic has been Mourinho's trusted lieutenant in the past and, if United can complete the deal, he will play an important role in Manchester United's future. At 6-foot-4, Matic would also be the latest recruit in Old Trafford's land of the giants in what is estimated as a $52 million.


Manchester United

David De Gea, Eric Bailly, Pogba, Matic and Romelu Lukaku represent a fearsome spine. Yes, this is football and not the NBA, but height and power are nevertheless useful commodities, and Matic is hardly a Marouane Fellaini-style battering ram, either. The Serbia international has a good touch, an impressive range of passing and a ferocious shot.

It is difficult (for Matic) to lose the ball. But at the same time he is not the kind of guy to play any square passes. He can do so and keep possession, but he can see the movement forward, look at the passing into space. He is very clean. He recovers a lot of balls in a clean way, he doesn't make fouls in dangerous positions. I like him a lot because of his stability.

Jose Mourinho