Floyd says he's not afraid of GGG.

Many thought Floyd Maywaether's fight against Conor McGregor was going to be his last, but it appears as if Floyd is calling out GGG.

Thomas Miller

Floyd "Money" Mayweather could be coming out of retirement much sooner than anticipated. On Monday, Floyd attended a New York Knicks game at which he was heckled by a fan who claimed Floyd was afraid of GGG. At 40 years old, Mayweather reiterated that he was wasn't afraid of Gennady Golovkin and is happily retired.

Earlier this year, Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor to improve his record to an incredible 50-0 while Gennady Golovkin (GGG) faced Canelo Alvarez earlier this month in a fight that ended in a draw by decision. The fight marked the first blemish in GGG's career as he was previously 37-0. Mayweather fought Canelo back in 2013 in a fight that ended in a unanimous decision in which Mayweather won.

Kell Brook fights GGG and you guys were crazy about GGG, talking, 'GGG was such an unbelievable fighter.' He's OK. I mean, straight up and down, no special effects. Even at the age of 40, I am not looking forward to fighting Triple G, but that would be easy.

Floyd Mayweather
Professional boxer

Mayweather vs. GGG would be an interesting fight, but many are assuming Floyd wouldn't consider fighting GGG unless he was able to defeat Canelo in their rematch early next year.