XXXTentacion: shocking video surfaces of him hitting a girl in the head

XXXTentacion was just released from house arrest, but now a violent video is circulating showing him punching a girl in the head.

Emily Treadgold

XXXTentacion can't escape his past. He was just released from house arrest so he could go back on tour.


He recently dropped a new album oddly titled ? and has been trying to make a new name for himself, but an old video is coming back into circulation.


The video shows a girl's face and XXX is dancing behind her, then out of nowhere it looks like he punches her on the side of the head and the camera cuts out. Based on his hairstyle the video looks pretty old but that doesn't excuse his behavior.

The video was taken completely in jest.

Jaclyn Broudy
XXXTentacion's Attorney

He is currently facing a slew of charges that have to deal with domestic violence including aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, and witness tampering.


His attorney, Jaclyn Broudy told TMZ, "the video was taken completely in jest" and XXX and the girl are friends. Broudy also says that the footage is old and he's a different person now.