The Killers return with 'Wonderful Wonderful.'

The Killers 'Wonderful Wonderful' is one of the most highly anticipated albums. While some would argue that theyve lost their significance, their loyal fan base promises a well-received new project.

The Killers return with 'Wonderful Wonderful.'

The Killers Wonderful Wonderful is one of the most highly anticipated albums this year. While some would argue that theyre not significant anymore, Ive always had faith in them.



Brandon Flowers has said before the Battle Born was not their best and he aimed to not let that happen again. When they dropped the first single “The Man I was nervous, but the disco-laden track about Brandon Flowers expressing remorse for his prideful, younger self was the perfect precursor. The self-deprecating video just showed that the darkness and self-awareness we look for in The Killers is still there. In the allegorical “Tyson Vs Douglas Flowers talks about watching his boxing hero collapse and how one day he will also fail his children. His play on the fight between force and love.

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Were starting to understand our role and the traditions that came before us. So, we, to some degree, are flag-wavers and torch-bearers.

Brandon Flowers
Andrew Trendell, NME


Wonderful Wonderful

Even in their dreamier tracks like “Some Kind of Love and “Out of My Mind they never let you thinking everythings going to be alright, theyll bring you back down but theyll do it subtly. “Run For Cover is their next anthem and the strongest and most Killersesque song from the album, but one thing thats consistent is their songs seem less intense, more grounded even. The track “Rut has particular significance. His wife had a rare condition called Complex PTSD that stemmed from multiple traumatic experiences and how they faced these challenges head on. It gave him a better understanding of her struggle. Overall, The Killers are still a force to be reckoned with and their upcoming tour and festival dates will only solidify that.