Listen to Wiz Khalifa freestyle about Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa plays a freestyling game on Big Boy's radio show, and one of the topics they throw him is ex-wife Amber Rose.

Emily Treadgold

Wiz Khalifa was on Big Boy's radio show, and they played a game called Flashcard Freestyle where each person writes down a word or phrase, and the participant has to build a freestyle around it. Wiz got words like"4th-grade," "Robot Legs" and "Spaghetti" and he worked around them making freestyles.

I don't want no drama, why you gotta bring up my baby mama. She's bald-head she got my kid. We was married yes we did. I still love her she loves me too. You think Ima talk bad about her you through.

Wiz Khalifa

Then they threw him "Amber Rose" and he kept it classy. He rapped about how he wouldn't talk bad about her, and they had a kid together. Its been a while since Wiz put out his last album, but he's been keeping fans happy with a string of mixtapes Pre-Rolleds, Bong Rips, and Laugh Now, Fly Later.