Willie Nelson cancels upcoming shows due to breathing issues

Country legend Willie Nelson was forced to leave his concert on Saturday night due to breathing difficulties.

Brittany King

Willie Nelson called off a concert Saturday after just one song due to breathing issues, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. The 84-year-old singer furthermore canceled several upcoming shows.

During his Saturday show at the Harrah's Resort SoCal in San Diego, Nelson was performing his opener, "Whiskey River," when he abruptly ended the performance. Fans said the country legend was coughing and seemingly had trouble breathing before being forced to walk off the stage.

I think age is just a number. It's the way I've heard it all my life: It's not how old you are, it's how you feel. And I've been lucky with [everything], health-wise and career-wise. I haven't really got anything to b--ch about!

Nelson's publicist told the outlet that the musician had come down with "a bad cold or the flu" and will be recovering at his home in Texas. He is expected to return to the stage Feb. 7, in Georgia.


This isnt the first time Nelson had to one of his concerts short. Last Aug., he withdrew from a show in Salt Lake City due to breathing problems from the city's high altitude, and in Feb. 2017, he canceled a handful of tours to deal with an unspecified illness.