Wale Remixes SZA's 'The Weekend': Listen

Wale releases a poetic remix of SZA's hit song The Weekend giving the song a male perspective and flipping the narrative.

Emily Treadgold

SZA's song "The Weekend" gets a remix by Wale giving the song a twist, the male perspective. He flips it around to the cheating man in the song. He borrows the same concept from SZA, making a poetic statement. He says, "Look, I'm sorry we got us a lil' problem. Monogomy not for the weak-hearted." 

Maybe cheaters is sociopaths/Maybe we be cheatin', we ain't heal from a ho in the past/Or maybe I'm a ho and I can show you this hole in my heart/I eat your liquid gold and go home to Golden Corral, you don't know.

The Weekend

Wale has been taking a break but steadily releasing a coupld of songs. He was featured on N.E.R.D's album No_One Ever Really Dies and said he was back working on new music.



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