Wolf Alice releases 'Visions of a Life.'

The sophomore album from the Brit rock group, Wolf Alice, named 'Visions of Life', is a masterpiece.

Wolf Alice's releases 'Visions of a Life.'

The sophomore album from the Brit rock group is a masterpiece.



Wolf Alice is the sort of band that lives up to their hype. Theyre the perfect alchemy of dream pop and grunge. Its the perfect extension of their well-received debut “My Life Is Cool and stretches their genre to new heights.

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“I would play pretend and wish I was an adult, and now that Im an adult I sometimes wish I was someone else. That phrase just felt like a poetic way of expressing it. Then theres the album artwork, a picture of a girl in a frock dancing around a podium with a horses head on it she obviously had some vision of a life that she was playing out. Its my auntie in the picture, and she actually did become a dancer, so that vision came true. It really resonated with me because I spent my whole childhood not playing with toys but playing inside my head and acting it out. Thats what our songs are, I suppose visions and little bits of life that somehow get made into music.

Ellie Rowsell


Visions of a Life

From the synthpop driven “Dont Delete the Kisses which was the perfect precursor, to the punk vibes of “Yuk Foo the entire album is filled with charisma. “Formidable Cool is the band at their hardest with a sleazy guitar riff from guitarist Joff Oddie. At the front is Ellie Rowsell, who seems to embodies the iconic riot grrls of the past. Her snarling voice over the Theo Ellis and Joel Ameys perfect rhythm.