Family Feud video is out

Jay-Z confesses his infidelity in his new Ava DuVernay directed video for "Family Feud" with Beyonce and Blue Ivy and a slew of other celebs.

Emily Treadgold

It's clear that Jay-Z and Beyonce are finishing this year strong. Jay released his video for "Family Feud" and it's intense. Jay is confessing his sins to Beyonce as Blue Ivy sits in the pews of a church. The short film is directed by Ava DuVernay and stars everyone. Mindy Kaling, Rashida Jones, Jessica Chastain, Brie Larson, Rosario Dawson, Thandie Newton.

The Ava DuVernay-directed short film spans more than 400 years, beginning in the year 2444 with a Shakespearean tale of infidelity, politics and murder before working its way backwards through different generations.

Daniel Kreps
Rolling Stone

The film starts in a sort of futuristic setting and at one point a group of women that rule the country discuss the political climate. Then we see Blue Ivy sitting in a pew as Jay-Z and Beyonce perform Family Feud. The visual fits perfectly with the poetic videos that Jay has been releasing for 4:44.