Tyga sued (again) this time in the Middle East

Tyga is facing more legal troubles as he's being sued by a club in the Middle East for skipping a performance.

Emily Treadgold

Tyga is facing more legal problems. The rapper has faced several lawsuits dealing with his finances. Now, hes getting sued by a promoter in the Middle East.


The rapper was on tour in the Middle East in April, and he failed to show up to a performance. He was set to perform at Club White and some other venues in the United Arab Emirates.

White should give me an offer I can't refuse.

Tyga received $120K and  $21K worth of flight tickets for himself and his team. The agent claims the rapper was working with a rival club and said he wasn't even trying to hide it, adding that the "Taste" rapper even said, "White should give me an offer I can't refuse."


Tyga bailed on the performance after he was paid but wouldnt return the $141k that they advanced him.


The agent is suing him for the money and the damages which will cost up to $600K for the profits lost after he bailed on the performance.

Im Schleep

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