JAY-Z & Beyoncé kick off their On The Run II tour — and it appears they renewed their vows

Jay-Z and Beyoncé kicked off the On The Run II tour and hinted that they might have renewed their wedding vows.

Emily Treadgold

Beyonce and Jay-Z started their On the Run II on Wednesday in Cardiff, U.K. The visuals for the tour included an image of the couple dressed in all-white and joined by their daughter Blue Ivy and 11-month-old twins Rumi and Sir.


Fans are speculating that this could mean the couple renewed their vows, possibly when they were in Jamaica before the tour. 

f you havent experienced love and you dont understand it, if you dont have the tools to move forward, then youre going to have complications. Period.


The video appeared to show a vow renewal ceremony. The text "THIS IS REAL LOVE" was projected during the video while they sang they're duet "Young Forever." They celebrated their 10-year anniversary in April.


Before the video footage photos of the couple holding babies appeared with the messages, "LOVE IS UNIVERSAL" and "LOVE NEVER CHANGES."


The Beyhive assumed the babies were Rumi and Sir but apparently, they werent and we still dont know who they are. 

The duo performed 42 songs with a ton of costume changes, videos, and even a moving stage; Beyonce changed outfits at least six times. The couple also showed lots of affection towards each other. Of course, they performed all of their duets including, Part II (On the Run), '03 Bonnie & Clyde, Drunk in Love, Crazy In Love, and Family Feud. 


They even arrived on stage in an elevator, a little nod to the Met Gala elevator drama involving Bey's sister Solange. The power couple proved theyre stronger than ever.