Pre-order the new Circa Survive album today.

The latest from Circa Survive arrives this Friday. The band's sixth studio album, 'The Amulet' releases this Friday; get your pre-order.

Pre-order the new Circa Survive album today.

The new Circa Survive album, The Amulet, releases this Friday. Get your copy pre-ordered below!



Emily Treadgold

The Amulet is Circa Survives 6th studio album. It focuses on the themes of life,death, and rebirth. The band has been through plenty of changes and the album reflects those changes in their personal lives but they keep in tune with their previous work, driving choruses and Greens signature soaring vocals.

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Its classic Circa, simultaneously slightly proggy, insanely catchy and very rocking. And of course theres Anthony Greens voice (also of Saosin) soaring over top of it all, bringing everything together.

Vince Nielstein
Writer, Metalsucks


The Amulet

Songs like “Rites of Investiture display their musical strengths and intensity but on more introspective songs like "The Amulet" they really show their growth as a group.