Tekashi returns to Instagram with 2 trolling videos

It appears rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine's social media cleanout and possible arrest was all just a weird publicity stunt for his new song. He reminds his haters he avoids "L's" in his Instagram reappearance.

Emily Treadgold

Just this past Tuesday, April 10, Tekashi deleted all of his Instagram posts and his "management" sent a message out to his fans saying, "TEKASHI WONT BE BACK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE."


Then Tekashi took to Twitter to write, "FREE69," hinting that he may have been arrested. 

In 2015, Tekashi (real name Daniel Hernandez) pleaded guilty to "the use of a child in a sexual performance."


Part of his probation included him getting his GED and presenting it to court. He was scheduled to do that on Tuesday, but The Blast reported that the case was adjourned and pushed back to a later date. 

Three years ago, I had an underage girl in the video, shit happens-- girls lie about their age. A lot of people get caught up in this.

Tekashi 6ix9ine
The Breakfast Club

A county clerk for the Supreme Court of New York County told the outlet that Tekashi's lawyer asked for the continuance. The rapper will have two months to make sure his GED is on track, as the case was pushed back until June 19th.


So, why the social media cleanout? Tekashi has been promoting his latest single "GOTTI" and on Thursday he teased the video for the new song.


Well, it looks like the whole "jail" thing was just part of building the hype for the new track.


He made his grand Instagram reappearance with 2 videos laughing at those who thought he was in jail, and reminding his haters he "takes no L's."