Tekashi 6ix9ine tried to invade J Prince Jr.'s party, but got tossed to the curb

J Prince Jr. wants to make it known that Tekashi 6ix9ine isn't welcome in Houston and needs to learn how things work in this industry.

Emily Treadgold

Every day we wonder what new thing 6ix9ine is going to do. He's not super welcome at a lot of places around the country and he doesn't have the best reputation with gangs in Texas. J Prince Jr. wanted to make sure he wasn't welcome in Houston. 6ix9ine tried to crash his party, but Prince's younger brother Baby Jay handled the situation quickly letting him know he wasn't welcome.

First off @6ix9ine_ , don't think that u can go to other people's city and not show them the proper respect that's due, we've earned that and demand it! Although I might not condone in a bunch of the moves you've made, I don't know u and I know that your young and new to this so u have a lot of learning to do. So with that being said, I'm still willing to sit down and have a conversation with u but not for one second do u get it misunderstood that u can get away with the disrespect in my city the way you've shown in others. We won't tolerate it.

J Prince's family takes things very seriously, and Baby Jay posted a long message on Instagram warning Tekashi. Previously, Tekashi said J Prince Jr. was clout chasing by attacking him and saying he's going to continue to not check in with gangs. Jay Prince Jr. even said in his post that he understood that Tekashi was still new and maybe didn't understand the way things worked and he'd be happy to have a conversation with him.