Taylor Swift's stalker sentenced to 10 years probation

Taylor Swift's stalker will avoid jail time and will receive probation for 10 years which includes staying a mile away from the singer and her family.

Emily Treadgold

The man who threatened Taylor Swift and all her family on numerous occasions has been sentenced to 10 years of probation, according to multiple reports.


Frank Andrew Hoover was arrested in November 2016 for violating his restraining order that the 28-year-old had initially taken out against him. He allegedly stalked her at the Formula 1 race in October and sent emails to her father from August to October. Then in January, he faced new charges after emails were found where he threatened to kill the singer and her entire family.

E! News obtained the messages where Hoover called them an "evil family of devils" and he wanted them "to enjoy the brain aneurysms and death" along with other disturbing statements.


Hoover will have 10 years of probation, TMZ reports. His location will also be monitored and he has to stay "a mile away" from the Swift family. He will also have to undergo psychological testing, attend substance abuse classes, undergo random drug testing, and surrender all firearms.

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