Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' tour kick-off: from snakes to costumes, here's what to expect

Taylor Swift's "Reputation" tour opens Tuesday, and this tour will feature her largest stage yet and a mix of her new and old songs.

Emily Treadgold

Taylor Swift's massive Reputation tour kicks off on Tuesday, May 8, in Glendale, Arizona and there's a lot that will be happening on the massive stage.


The Songs While Swift will mostly be playing her songs off the album, she's also including 10 of her classic hits, and two will feature her playing the piano.


The Stage  Swift said there would be three stages so everyone can have good views and be close to the action. She said via Instagram, "On the tour, there will be three stages. The reason why I want there to be three is because I want to be able to get as close to you as possible."

The reason why I want there to be three is because I want to be able to get as close to you as possible.

Taylor Swift
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The Rep Room Swift is known for finding fans to meet after the show. Theyll meet her in the "Rep Room" a room with the throne from her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video with snake motifs.


The Details Even the confetti is Reputation themed, the party paper blasts will be tiny little newspapers. She did't show off any of her outfits, but there will be tons of sequins and eight outfit changes. The popstar has a variety of snake microphones to fit any of her songs.

The Rocket Sled  Since the stage is so big she'll be using something called a "rocket sled" to get her across the arena fast. She said on an Instagram story, "It takes me from one place really quickly to another place, and the stage is so big that I guess we need that."


The People  Swift's dad Scott Swift is ready to take selfies with fans. She has 16 backup dancers that have been rehearsing like crazy. Also, Camila Cabello and Charli XCX are ready to be her opening acts.