Juicy J producing Suicide Boys album

It's been a busy year for Juicy J. He talks about his upcoming projects including a new $uicideBoy$ album that he's producing.

Emily Treadgold

After Juicy J broke off as a solo artist his career took off. He's been collaborating with new artists like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and Cardi B and adopting a whole new fanbase. He's taken particular interest in $uicideBoy$, he worked with them on his Highly Intoxicated mixtape. He found them through Twitter, everyone was telling him to listen to them.

$uicideBoy$, they're the truth, man. I'm executive producing their new album. Them guys are like family members, man. I was on Twitter and everybody was hitting me [like], "Yo, yo yo, you gotta check out these guys, man. $uicideBoy$, their music sound like y'all. It sound like old Three 6 Mafia." And then I would go on SnapChat and somebody would go, "Yo, yo, yo, check out the $uicideboy$." So I go on SoundCloud, I'm listening, I'm smoking weed and one of their songs came on and I was like, holy shit! And I heard that shit and I was like, man, this is amazing cause it reminds me of my music from back in 92, 91.

Juicy J

He was impressed and started working with them and collaborating on music. It was only natural that he would produce their next album. He says, "I'm telling you. $uicideboy$ is like a whole new wave. Their sound has an old Three 6 Mafia feel and it's a whole new different style of music. We can expect the album in 2018. Juicy J is working on a lot of new music, his new song Kamasutra with Cardi B is out, and he's working on a remix of G-Eazy's No Limit.


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