Spotify Wrapped is up

Spotify has released their yearly Wrapped program, where Spotify users can see their top songs of the year and get analytics on their listening habits.

Emily Treadgold

Spotifys annual Wrapped feature is now up! Everyone's favorite time of year to reveal what music they listen to the most. The feature shows you your top song, as well as gives you a playlist of your top 100 including all of those guilty pleasures. It then does a little quiz to see how well you know your own music tastes, what your top streamed song was and who your favorite artist was.

Wrapped is a quick and amusing diversion from an increasingly hellish news cycle. Spotify acknowledges the fact that 2017 has been an ordeal for lots of people on Wrappeds landing page, which says “in a year that many wanted to tune out, music gave us a reason to keep listening.

Spotify Wrapped
Tech Crunch

While this is obviously a promotional service for Spotify, it's a fun interactive experience that's become a social media trend, almost bragging rights to show your friends your great music taste and how many minutes of music you listened to this year. Then Spotify goes the extra mile and makes you a playlist of 30 songs that you might have missed out on.