Victor Oladipo's debut EP drops today.

Following the release of his debut music video, basketball star Victor Oladipo's is returning with a 7 song EP today.

Victor Oladipo's debut EP drops tomorrow.

Following the release of his debut music video Victor Oladipo's 7 song EP is coming.



After releasing the music video for his own version of 'Song for You' by the legendary Donny Hathawayn just a couple weeks ago, Victor's debut project is just about here. With his new EP Victor hopes to prove that his music career is the real deal unlike many athletes before him. Interestingly, also releasing tomorrow is fellow NBA player, Damian Lillard's second album 'Confirmed'.

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"So I wanted to remake it and show respect to Donnie, but at the same time, put a little twist on it at the end. It was a pretty cool experience. I'm glad it turned out so well."

Victor Oladipo
Indiana Pacers SG / Recording Artist


Songs for You

Seven songs will include features from 2 Chainz & Eric Bellinger, and is anticipated to showcase Victor's surprising R&B talents. We just might have a 6'4" hooping Chris Brown on our hands.