New Tay-K song, After you

Tay-K is back with a new song from behind bars titled "After You" the song has been heard in snippets but now is officially on his SoundCloud.

Emily Treadgold

Tay-K's viral song "The Race" just went platinum and now he has a new song out on SoundCloud titled "After You." The 17-year-old is currently behind bars. In 2016 he was arrested for a 2016 robbery and murder of a man in Mansfield, Texas, he then cut off his ankle-monitor in an attempt to escape house-arrest. 

You get robbed for your flashy shoes...N***a wanna show his ass like a baboon. Now he's a hashtag, now he's a tattoo.

After You

He's now facing a second murder charge for the shooting of Mark Anthony Saldivar in San Antonio, Texas. However, that hasn't stopped Tay-K as he was got a record-deal with 88 records while he was incarcerated. 


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