Zayn drops new song and video: listen to 'Let Me'

Zayn Malik released a steamy new video starring Sofia Jamora for his new song "Let Me."



Singer Zayn Malik dropped a new song, "Let Me" and released a steamy video to go along with it. In the video Zayn's character has taken to a life of crime, and it could possibly hurt his loved one. At the beginning he walks into a club and meets a woman (Sofia Jamora) on the dance floor. They seem like strangers, but then we see flashbacks of their past.

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Baby let me be your man. So I can love you. And if you let me be your man, then I'll take care of you.

Zayn Malik
Let Me


Let Me

At one point in a flashback we see Zayn in a hotel suite and the woman, in a robe, walks across the floor and out onto the balcony. The man tells Zayn, "It's going down tonight." The woman looks like shes with one of the bad guys but eyes Zayn. Next Zayn does some briefcase exchanges on a yacht. Then, we get some sexy makeout scenes. Who knows whose side this girl is on? Will she betray our antihero Zayn? The video ends with a "to be continued" so the drama will go on.