MGMT drops Hand It Over

MGMT is still working their way up to dropping their album Little Dark Age, today they released the third single Hand It Over.



MGMT released a new song from their highly anticipated new album Little Dark Age. It's a slow burn with hints of psychedelics and hypnotizing vocals. The song follows the two previously released tracks "When You Die" and the title track. The album will feature collabs from Ariel Pink and Connan Mockasin. It's rumored that one of the songs on the album, "James" was inspired by an acid trip with their producer Patrick Wimberly.

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I still get a lot of inspiration from British punk music, where all of the songs are just how shitty life is in England, but theres also a real sense of humor about it, black humor, and just finding this human element in a world that has become so industrial and dark.

Andrew VanWyngarden
Entertainment Weekly


Hand It Over

It's been a long time since their last album in 2013 and fans are pretty anxious to see if they will reach the same success as Oracular Spectacular in 2003.