Meek Mill debuts new song 'Stay Woke' — listen

Meek Mill premiered his song "Stay Woke" at the BET Awards, the song is about the cycle of crime and the broken justice system.



#MeekMill honored #XXXTentacion at the #BetAwards

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Meek Mill won the BET Awards this year. He premiered his song "Stay Woke" was inspired by his experience going from prisoner to advocate for justice reform.


The song is a commentary on how broken the justice system is, and the performance was a powerful message from Meek. The stage was set up to show crime and how people are raised in a criminal world then punished for it.

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We go get lawyers to say shit, we don't know how to talkThey told us to hate each other before we learn how to walkMama taught you how to fight, fight, before she taught you how to write, right

Meek Mill
Stay Woke


Stay Woke (feat. Miguel)

On top of the performance, he wore a sweatshirt which featured late artists XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo, two men killed due to gun violence on June 18th.


Meek has found a new responsibility in advocating for prison reform. He says, “I felt like I got a responsibility from when I was locked up with certain dudes and with me leaving, knowing I've got the support I got [] A lot of people stuck in their positions, they don't got resources. I always felt like I was responsible to reach back for a few and help them move forward and help them get light shed on their situation."