Lil Baby and Drake drop track 'Yes Indeed' — listen

Lil Baby pulls Drake in for a new collaboration on the song "Yes Indeed" as Lil Baby's upcoming project drops Friday.



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Over the weekend, OVO Radio dropped a new song featuring Drake and rising artist Lil Baby. The song was originally called “Pikachu” and was off of Lil Babys project Harder Than Ever slated to drop on Friday.


The song is not available, and the title has shifted to “Yes Indeed.” Drake raps, "Life is amazin', it is what it should be/ Been here for 10, but I feel like a rookie.” Drake has been in the rap game now for a decade but he still feels like hes young.

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I trusted my niggas, they never betrayed meMet all these niggas, they sweeter than SadieWhen I started out, I just took what they gave meDid all the favors, they never repaid meIt worked in my favor, 'cause nobody saved me

Yes Indeed


Yes Indeed

Lil Baby slides in on the second verse from a much different perspective than industry veteran Drake.


He raps, “I'm gettin' money like I'm from the '80s/ Me and Drake 'bout to drop, man, this shit gon' go crazy/ They know I'm the truth, comin' straight from the basement.”


Its great to see Drake lifting up new artists and using his influence, it all comes full circle. His Scorpion project is due out in June and will have hits like “Nice For What” and “Gods Plan.”