Jack White breaks hiatus and releases new music

Jack White announces the follow up to his 2014 album Lazaretto with a new single "Connected By Love" and announces his third solo album Boarding House Reach.



Jack White has been laying low for the past few years. After Coachella in 2015, he announced an indefinite hiatus. He's been working on different projects, he did an album with The Dead Weather, but rumors started circulating last year that he was in studios in New York and Los Angeles working on original material. Never one to do something unintentionally, Third Man Records, Jack's label, started putting out vague teasers for the song, "Connected By Love."

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I think these characters in my head, you have to put them in places where they're in peril, you know? To me, I've always told people the pronouns don't mean much; she, he, man, women. I say 'woman' in that song but it doesn't really mean 'woman.' They're just ways to get into a character's head and try and see how I relate to your own life, and maybe other times people can relate to that about pushing away the people they love the most. So that was that character's lowest moment in the song, and [he had] to rise above it, you know?

Jack White
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Connected By Love

No other artist could've made this song. Jack's distinctive vocals, the slow build-up, the driving organ, and his final plea, "What have I done, I've pushed away everyone?" but he has to rise above it. The B-side "Respect Commander" is a manic rocker with a nod to Detroit techno. The album, Boarding House Reach doesn't have a release date yet, but we are happy Jack is back.