Shania Twain is back with 'Now'

The original queen of country-pop is back with a new album which she says includes a 'diverse' array of musical compositions.

Shania Twain is back with 'Now'

The queen of country-pop is back with a new album.



Now starts with "Swingin' With My Eyes Closed" a stomping song that drifts into pop territory and will please long-time Shania fans. "Home Now" is a nod to her country roots. "Poor Me" explores her vulnerability with her divorce and moving on. "Where Do You Think You're Going" is a sweeping, cinematic ballad with strong vocals.

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“This album is more diverse than any other album Ive ever done not that Ive done a ton of albums, but its the most diverse of the albums Ive done. Theres a lot of variety there, but what Ive learned about myself is, as a songwriter of all the songs, the emotion and the voice ties it all together as one artist.

Shania Twain
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Twain is taking full ownership of this album, writing every song and sharing production credits with a handful of producers from almost every genre including EDM, pop, and rock. The album is more diverse than her previous work and you can tell, with only a handful of songs filling in the void of her previous pop-country persona, Shania really has moved on.