Selena Gomez is giving everyone the creeps with this new horror project

Selena Gomez and Petra Collins team up for the very creepy but also dreamy project titled "A Love Story" that will be on IGTV.

Emily Treadgold

Selena Gomez is getting a little weird. She teamed up with director Petra Collins for a creepy media project.


Collins shared some BTS shots of the project titled, A Love Story. One of the clips shows Gomez in murky water with a face merging.


She sings to herself and picks up the face and puts it on. Collins said the vibe was, "Polaroid found in a shoebox belonging to a serial killer.”

I've been so lucky to have almost all my commercial and editorial work be completely my creative vision. That's not the case for so many people. But I can't force inspiration; it just has to be something that happens.

There are other odd moments including a shot of Gomez surrounded by birthday cakes, and she scrapes the icing off her leg with a large knife.


One shows her with a creature with a face of fingers stroking her hair. Another disturbing one shows the singer holding a human eyeball in her mouth.


The weird project will be released on IGTV, Instagrams new video platform.

a love story

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