Raury leaves Columbia Records: "I would rather die than be controlled"

Indie-darling Raury wants out of his Columbia contract, says they don't care about the fans and he was better off without them.

Emily Treadgold

Raury was the golden child of the indie scene he was signed to major-label Columbia Records and recently decided to leave because of their mistreatment of artists. He had a two-year struggle with the label and asked both Columbia and Atlanta's own LoveRenaissance to release him from his contract.

I want out of the label when the people who believed in me transition jobs to be replaced by strangers who dont know me. I went to Coachella without any support from the label. It was like they were trying to put me in a position of fear and weakness so I could run out of money and they could control me. I would rather die than be controlled. I would rather take my career on a path where I can play with my friends, stay with family, and remain physically, psychologically and spiritually well.


Raury wants to get back to his roots and cater more to the fans. He's been hosting private acoustic performances. He says. "Sadly, they tell us to come into this square, oppressive, dark, dingy building, get sweaty and drunk and be told to put our hands up and jump. I think the fan is worthy of more of an experience."