Quavo confirms that "Culture 2" is being mixed

Quavo continues to lead on fans about their potential release of Culture II saying the album is in the process of being mixed.

Emily Treadgold

Culture II is set to drop at any minute now. Quavo took to Twitter to say that the highly-anticipated album is being mixed. He said he couldn't sleep because of all these things coming up. It did seem like Culture II was a little farther in the process of being dropped, but mixing is one of the final stages.

CULTURE II is a masterpiece man. We in a time right now where we setting a trend, we started this whole lil wave, we started the whole genre, we started the whole flow, the whole melody.


The trio has already dropped "MotorSport" featuring Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. They've talked up the album quite a bit saying it's a masterpiece so they better release another single soon to tie over fans.