Post Malone debuts 'Always Tired' face tattoo

Clearly, Post Malone isn't getting enough sleep at night.

Brittany King

Post Malone, n Austin Richard Post, is only 22, but already he's feeling the daily grind beating him down. 


The New York-born rapper added some fresh new ink to his extensive collection Wednesday night, and it's right smack in the center of his face just below both eyes. 


The word "Always" was tattooed in script font beneath Malone's right eye and was accompanied by "Tired" which was inked directly under his left. Goodbye bags! 

My tattoo path is about to go crazy.

Post Malone

The ink work was done by tattoo artist Chad Rowe of Underdogs Tattoo Gallery in Indiana, who shared a few pictures via social media and called the experience "one of the most surreal moments of my entire life."


Malone previously spoke with GQ  about his obsession with tattoos that will eventually consume him as he plans to ink up his entire body.